Your First Sports Specific Evaluation

Stay safe, healthy, and at the top of your game with our sports evaluations

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Looking to get and edge on your competition?

We all want to strive for that breakthrough performance, but sometimes injuries get in the way. Sometimes it’s just the monotony of the same routine with nothing to show for it. At Scordilis Health & Performance, we have the staff and knowledge to help you get to that next level. Our sport-specific evaluations and training are designed to fit your personal sport and athletic needs, whatever they may be.

Your well-being is just one click away

We take your health into our hands by treating each patient according to their needs to find long-term solutions.

We help you evaluate your running form

Dr. Peter Scordilis is an accomplished runner and triathlete. He can evaluate your own video, do a live treadmill, or do an on-field evaluation of your running form to identify your weaknesses and keep you injury-free and fast.

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What to expect from our sports evaluations

A sports evaluation typically includes checking your vitals, such as blood pressure, pulse, weight, and height. An eye exam checks to see if there is a need for glasses or a new prescription. Medical history is taken to see past medical illnesses or surgeries that may affect your participation. Your joints and flexibility are checked to see if there are any weak areas prone to injury.