Wearing “Gear” To The Gym Won’t Save You From Injury

Bottom Line

You see it all the time, you walk into the gym and people are wearing all these different braces, belts, and straps to help them through their workout. You go up and ask them why do you wear that, “Oh I am protecting this, helping this, or trying to get stronger”. This is the biggest lie on the planet, all this stuff won’t help you through your workout, it will just make you suffer in the long run. All this “gear” does is mask the issue so you can push past your imbalance. You need to face the issue and overcome it.


Why It Matters

A back brace won’t protect your back from further injury.  A wrist strap won’t protect your wrists from getting worse. And a knee brace won’t help your knee work any better. All these things are doing is making your injury worse. Now I am not saying in some cases we do need to have these things to help use through points in our lives. But people think of them as fixes to their chronic issues. Have you ever wondered, “why does my wrist hurt?”, and then going out and addressing the issue. Most don’t ever try to figure out why their issues are happening. They just think they can keep doing the same thing over and over without having an issue. When these very things we wear end up making our bodies weaker.


Next steps

Your body is stronger than you think it is just a matter of figuring out what the issue is and why it’s happening. One of the biggest complaints in the USA is low back pain and you know what your primary doctor will tell you, “stop doing what is giving you this pain”. What kind of answer is that. That’s not even an answer. That is just saying I don’t know why your back hurts and I don’t feel like dealing with it. What should be done is go to a trusted acupuncturist, chiropractor, or PT. They specialize in the human body and its’ many musculoskeletal issues. Once there you can finally find out why your back, wrist, or knee is giving you the issue it is. You aren’t getting old, you’re just not able to move the same way as you did in your youth.  Don’t keep relying on quick fixes, nothing good comes easy in life.

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