Tongue Tied Toddlers

Bottom Line

 The birthing process can be a difficult one, and because of this babies can have complications after birth. One particular issue is how babies can often struggle to feed properly. When this happens, it can be very scary for the parents. One super common reason babies can struggle is known as tethered oral tissue, also known as a Tongue Tie. Treating specific muscles such as the genioglossus, as well as the neck and jaw joints of that baby can help resolve this issue. When tongue-tie surgery is indicated, pre-habilitation is super important!


Why it Matters

Being evaluated by professionals that will treat the feeding dysfunction; can be a huge factor in the treatment outcome for your baby. By engaging in pre-habilitation this will allow the surgeon a clear view during the operation. Prehab allows it to be easier to see inside the babies’ mouth during surgery. Surgery outcome results decrease for babies that have incorrect muscle balances of the mouth, neck and jaw. As well as help evaluate the babies everchanging anatomy accordingly . Other instances where this is needed, would be post tongue tie operation. Having your child evaluated for motor skill development should be encouraged, places to focus on would be the head and neck. These things can be worked on with a Chiropractor.


Next steps

Find a chiropractor that will work with your pediatrician, orthodontist, dentist, otolaryngologist (ears nose throat doctor) in order to gain the best results for your child. This will decrease the chance of surgery, and help support a proper recovery from which ever surgery took place.

Here at Scordilis Health and Performance, we are a family practice and encourage you to get your new born evaluated. We will help put your mind at ease and help you make the best decision for your family.



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