OH NO! I Broke My Diet; What Now?!

Bottom Line

You go away for a weekend but you have been following a diet for a month. You have been consistent and sticking to the plan. But you are going out and you won’t be able to stick to your diet. Does this mean you failed? Does this mean you have to do something extra to make up for the ‘bad’ food you ate? No not at all! All this means is that you are human and you decided to enjoy food rather than demonize it.

Why it Matters

Diets are a helpful tool to help people to lose weight but also to stick to a healthier way of eating. But diets can be a bad thing at the same time. It will tend to put you in a mindset where you are looking at food, deciding whether or not it is good or bad. Food is neither good nor bad, it is how we eat it and how much of it we eat. When we make certain foods out to be bad, it can create a negative storm in our mind. Thus, making it hard for us to actually enjoy the meals we have. 

Constantly overthinking every little thing, making ourselves go crazy trying to stick to a plan. That turns into instances where you are eating something not because you want to but because it is ‘good’ for you. Completely taking the joy out of the food and making it a chore, rather than a pleasure.

Next steps

Now I am not saying that we should be eating junk food and drinking sugary drinks all the time. But I am saying it is ok to indulge in these things from time to time without feeling horrible. All in moderation of course. Life is about moderation and if we overdo it, we can have issues. Even when eating healthy food, we can have negative effects. If you eat too many vegetables and not enough meat you could become vitamin B deficient. If you drink too much water you can become over hydrated. 

Don’t look at food as good or bad, look at it from a neutral perspective. Too much of anything can have adverse effects on one’s health. If you want to eat out with friends, when ordering, try to sprinkle in some healthy choices. Rather than having French Fries with your burger, have a salad. Don’t get upset if you can’t, just try to find the balance. Food is meant to be enjoyed, not treated like the enemy.

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