Mind Over Body

Bottom Line

We all have heard the saying that our mind is the most powerful thing we have access to. Our brain is so complex and amazing, that it can do some spectacular things. If you will it, it can happen, only through negativity does it stunt our growth. Think of it like this, if you keep saying everything in the world is terrible then you are only going to see and experience terrible things. But if you keep saying everything in the world is great, then you are going to see and experience great things. But you have to believe it, you can’ just say it without purpose. The reason this is so powerful is because our mind can help us or hurt us when it comes to physical pains and sicknesses we are dealing with.


Why It Matters

If you are dealing with back pain, it can be one of the most horrific things to overcome. It can literally leave you beaten and down in the gutters mentally. The more you feed that negativity that is washing over you the more it feeds your pain. This makes it so your condition will actually get worse. Athletes coming back from an injury aren’t fighting the physical battle to come back. That is easy! The hard part is trying to stay positive and remembering that their body won’t give out on them.

This is where a condition called Tension Myositis comes in. It is a condition where your negativity/stress is causing sickness to your body and or making it so you don’t heal at steady pace. For example, this can result in your back pain not getting better, and making you feel worse. It is like a vicious cycle, we don’t feel good, we get stressed. Because we’re stressed, we get negative and because we’re negative, we get more stressed. And as a result, we get sicker.  


Next Steps

Try to look for the silver lining. I know that isn’t what you want to hear but let me more specific. If you are dealing with back pain, don’t look at each individual day, look at each moment. On Monday you had trouble putting on your sock but then on Wednesday you no longer had that trouble. This is improvement, might not be much but it is a step in the right direction. And this is where most people suffer. Everything today is very much so instant gratification, we want our pain gone as quickly as it came on. But sadly, your pain didn’t come on that quickly, it was a gradual build that wasn’t noticeable until it happened. When we look at overcoming pain as little battles each day, as opposed to a war, our mental health improves. Which in turn causes our physical health to improve. The more you are able to take the positive out of life the more you are able to heal. Don’t walk around the world complaining, “why me” walk around saying, “try me”.

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