I Feel Like I Am Hitting a Wall With My Training, What Do I Do?!

Bottom Line

We all know this feeling; we have been consistently hitting our workouts. Been sticking to a strict regime but haven’t been able to change the way you want to. Whether this change being the weights you are lifting, the speed you are running, the weight you are losing, or any other goals you may have. The issue usually comes down to how you are training and most people don’t realize it.


Why It Matters

People who aren’t big into fitness may not know a key concept called General Adaptation Syndrome. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is what it means. General Adaptation Syndrome is a description of the process of how your body responds to stress. To put it another way, if you keep doing the same thing over and over your body will eventually hit a ceiling. For example, let’s say you have been wanting to increase the weight of your squat. You consistently squat and do the same set and rep range of 4 x 10. Originally this was good enough to get the job done, you saw steady increases in strength until you didn’t. This means it is time to change things up. Now there are a lot of things that could get changed, you can change the rep and set range, you can change the speed at which you move under load, you can change your warm up routine, you can change anything and possibly see a result.  And this applies to everything, to running, biking, swimming, climbing, and more.


Next Steps

First you must keep a log of what you are doing. This will help make it easier to track progress rather than just guessing on what you are doing. If you aren’t tracking then you won’t know what is working. Then the next step would be to find a coach/trainer of your activity and get some guidance. Having someone who knows what they are talking about will help you in accomplishing your goals. Here at Scordilis Performance Center we have just that, our local strength and conditioning coach can help you with all your activity needs and wants. If you need the help and want to know where to go, give us a call!

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