Children Experience a Better Quality of Life When You Address The Underlying Problems!

Bottom Line


Part of being a child is exploring the world. Injuries are a part of growing up, and unfortunately so is disease. Often these diseases do not stem from a medication deficiency. When we take a problem, and mask symptoms without addressing the root causes, things can get much worse. The problem may become cemented into place, or you could create an entirely new sequalae of problems.


Why it Matters


A 7 year old girl with 3 months of terrible headaches and frequent bedwetting (enuresis) was treated with chiropractic.  The treatment lasted for 10 weeks at 2 times a week. By week 2 the patient and parent were already seeing improvement in both complaints. By week 10 the patient was free of headaches, and the bedwetting (enuresis) was drastically improved. By having early intervention this child was able to improve her quality of life within 2 months. Not needing medication nor prescriptions.

Next steps

Get your child evaluated to see if this sounds like a similar story in your household.

The best time to maintain health is to start when your child is healthy. However, if disturbances in your child’s health are already happening, the faster you get them evaluated the better results you are likely to get. Here at Scordilis Health and Performance Center we help babies become healthy happy adults.

Everyone deserves the best chance at thriving.

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